The S&J Office Reception Furniture Range

The reception area is probably one of the most important spaces within your company. It is the first space that a client sees and interacts with when entering your building and should immediately communicate your brand and values to your client. At S&J we understand the need to impress, which is why we have a wide variety of reception furniture that will be able to accurately represent your brand while wowing your customers as they enter.

Investing in Office Reception Furniture Sets

The perfect boardroom table should give enough space to each individual and allow them to have a clear view of each person at the table. It can be intimidating to look for such a large piece of furniture as this will be the focus of the entire room and should be aesthetically pleasing while also being functional.

S&J has a large variety of boardroom tables to choose from, and has styles and sizes that will be applicable to every company while serving its purpose perfectly. Whether your perfect boardroom table is one with benches to create an informal and communal feeling, or you prefer a formal and professional feel, we have a boardroom table that will fulfil your needs.

Finding The Perfect Reception Furniture

Style and Design

It is important to decide whether your company is modern or traditional, formal or funky, and colourful or monotone. This will guide which style and colour you will choose for your reception furniture. It is also important that your furniture communicates the same aspects, from the reception desk to the seating available for guests.


It is important to ensure that your reception furniture is made to last. As this is the first impression that potential clients and employees receive of your company, your furniture should always be in good condition. Therefore, when choosing your reception furniture, be sure to investigate the materials used. Whether it is the fabric utilised for the couches and chairs, or the material used to manufacture the reception desk itself, it should always be durable and of the highest quality to ensure longevity.


Even though your guests will not typically be waiting for long periods of time in your reception area, you do want to ensure that the couches and chairs they are sitting on are comfortable and provide support.


Your reception area should be inviting and welcoming to guests. They should immediately feel at ease while perfectly understanding your brand and it’s values. One of the most important aspects of achieving this is choosing the correct furniture

View and Test S&J Reception Furniture

If you would like to view or test our range of reception furniture to check whether it is comfortable and durable, you are encouraged to visit our showroom in Centurion.