Elevate 1800 2 Tier Storage Unit

Elevate 1800 2 Tier Storage Unit


The Elevate 1800 2 Tier Storage Unit offers a streamlined and efficient storage solution, featuring a robust 1800 x 450 x 200mm steel frame. This unit includes a pigeon hole unit for organised document storage and a hinged section for secure storage needs. Its sleek design and practical functionality make it an ideal choice for modern office environments looking to maximise space while maintaining a clean aesthetic.

CODE:SYS159009-001/712159009 – 1800 X 450 X 370mm Hinge
CODE:SYS159012-001/712159012 – 1800 X 450 X 180mm Pigeon Hole Unit
CODE:SYS159010-001/712159010 – 1800 X 450 X 200mm Steel Frame