The S&J Office Pods Range

Do you have a vibrant, collaborative, and open-plan office space? Then perhaps a privacy pod is exactly what your company needs when employees want to brainstorm or pitch ideas to one another in private. At S&J we have a range of office pods that consists of 3 products that can provide employees with the privacy they require while still being interactive with other members of their team.

What is a Privacy Pod?

A privacy pod, otherwise known as an office pod is a structure that divides spaces up in an open-plan office area. It can divide one desk from another or create a contained space to take meetings or phone calls with clients and colleagues. It divides spaces up to create “rooms” without the need for construction or walls. Office pods will often have plug points to allow for laptop charges and other electronics to be plugged in, making them perfect for the digital age that embraces community.

The Benefits of Privacy Pods for Offices

There are multiple benefits that come with the introduction of office pods into an open-plan working environment.


Though working in an open-plan office can be fantastic for communication between employees it can also be distracting. There will almost never be silence, and being bombarded by questions from colleagues while on a deadline will happen often. Privacy pods will allow an employee to break away and retreat to their own space where they can concentrate on getting a task done in peace.


Conventionally one would build rooms to provide employees with privacy but this is an expensive task to undertake and it wastes space. Office pods are affordable and easy to install while saving space.


There are many important meetings, phone calls, and video conferences that require privacy. Clients will not always want the entire company to be present while having a meeting and sharing classified information. An office pod provides privacy and a level of seclusion where one can comfortably converse or discuss private matters.

View Our Privacy Pods in South Africa

There are many questions you might have about privacy pods. One of them might be; how big are they? Even though we provide measurements of all of our products on our website, we do understand the need to view and test a piece of office furniture in person. We encourage you to visit our showroom in Centurion if you would like to view our office pods in person.