The S&J Height Adjustable Desk Range

At S&J we believe in creating an office environment that is aesthetically pleasing while providing your body with the comfort and posture it needs to stay healthy. This is why we have a range of height adjustable and standing desks. This will ensure that your desk can be adjusted to be at the perfect height for your body. This will allow you to move away from a sedentary lifestyle and improve your health in the long term.

The Benefits of a Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Better Posture

Standing at a desk rather than sitting has been proven to improve posture. Once one’s posture is improved there is less strain on certain muscles. One also benefits from improved blood flow. All of these benefits will decrease the number of chronic problems such as back ache that one will experience.

Improved Muscle Movement

An adjustable desk also allows one to move from sitting to standing easily. Therefore, one is experiencing more movement and changing positions more regularly. It might not seem like it but these small movements and changes can have a big impact on your overall health and life.

Increased Comfort

As one is not putting one’s muscles under constant strain, one’s pain levels will decrease. This provides more comfort which is fantastic for brain function and focus. A highly focused employee is a more productive employee which is a benefit to any company!

Find and View Our Height Adjustable Tables

A height adjustable table might be a new concept to you and perhaps you would like to see one in person and see how it works before purchasing one. At S&J furniture we encourage you to pay a visit to our showroom in Centurion and physically interact with the range to see which model works best for you.