What is a good office layout?

There are many aspects that contribute to creating a good office layout. One of the most important factors to take into consideration is the space available. In this article, we will answer the question “what is a good office layout”? We will also base the answer on the office space that will be available.

What Are the 3 Types of Office Layouts?

The way in which you lay out your office space will greatly depend on the size of your office or building. Therefore, there are typically three sizes one has to work with that would suit different layouts:

  • A Small Space: If you have a small space to work with, the best advice would be to keep it open plan. This will allow you to use the space more effectively. It can also ensure that all the staff can easily communicate with one another. It is advisable to create cluster desks in a space like this. Therefore, you would push multiple desks together, or have a few large tables that multiple employees can sit at.
  • A Large Building: A larger building will allow you the luxury of dividing the company up into teams and departments. This will allow for those that work together regularly to sit in the same space. It will also allow you to create a recreational area where employees can enjoy lunch together. You will probably also have space for one or multiple boardrooms where you can entertain customers and have brainstorming sessions. Therefore it will allow for a sectional office layout.
  • A Warehouse: In a warehouse, you will typically find that the factory section will be on the floor of the warehouse, whereas the offices will be located on a second floor. It is advisable to ensure that engineers have a view of the warehouse floor. Therefore it is best to place them in offices that have a window looking down and move the admin and marketing departments to those offices away from the warehouse floor. In warehouses, it is also best to section departments and apply more of a grouped office layout.

Making Use of an Office Layout Planner

You can make use of an online office layout planner; however, this will often lack understanding of your type of business and the personal touch that you require to make your office environment productive and unique. It is advisable to contact a company such as S&J Office Furniture that is able to provide consultation services.

S&J Office Furniture will meet with you to discuss the space you have and provide guidance on which type of office furniture would be best suited to your company. We will then provide you with a 3D layout of each office to ensure you like the design and that the furniture you have chosen fits in the space. Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you in furnishing your office.