How To Choose The Best Reception Couches

two couches in a beautiful reception area decorated with plants, a mirror, side tables and cabinets


Have you ever walked into a reception area and felt uncomfortable? It might have been the layout or the background music. But one of the most common complaints is often due to the reception seating. If you do not want your clients or customers to feel the same way when they enter your reception area, then it is important to find the best reception couches. This article will list essential furniture items and provide you with tips on how to choose the best reception couches for your office.


What Furniture Is In A Reception Area? 


Before moving to the process of selecting reception couches, it is important to understand what typically goes into a reception area. Here is a checklist of common furniture items: 


Reception desk:


A reception desk is the main point of contact between clients or customers and your business. Be sure to choose the right reception desk for sale so that you can find one that fits the space and can accommodate any technology you will need.


Coffee tables:


Office coffee tables are a great addition to any reception area. Not only do they provide clients and customers with an area to place their belongings, but they also add style and personality to the space. You’ll usually find magazines or books on the table, which can provide a great conversation starter.


Couches, or sofas and chairs:


To solve the problem of uncomfortable seating, it is important to choose the right sofas and chairs for your reception area. Couches and/or sofas provide a comfortable place for visitors to sit, while chairs offer more flexibility and are often easier to move around. To create a welcoming atmosphere, make sure that you purchase a sofa set that is comfortable and inviting.

Now that you know the basics of what furniture typically goes into a reception area, let’s move on to the tips!


Tips On How To Choose The Best Reception Couches


It is important to remember that office couches are not a MUST. But if you want to create a  comfortable and welcoming reception area for your clients or customers then it is essential to choose the right couches. Here are a few tips on how to do that:


Have A Look At The Space: 


Every reception room is different in terms of size and shape, so make sure that you measure the area before selecting furniture. Would a single couch such as the Connor fit your needs? Or would you need a two seater sofa like the Kenya instead? 


Pick Suitable Material:


You can never go wrong with a leather sofa, but if you are looking for something more cosy, then go for an upholstered couch instead.


Choose A Colour That Matches Your Brand:


You want your reception area to feel welcoming and inviting. Choose a colour that reflects your company’s brand – whether it be a bright and vibrant hue or a more relaxed and neutral one.


Buy From A Reputable Source:


You do not want to face any issues down the line with an office couch you have bought, so make sure that you buy from a reputed source like S&J Office Furniture. We provide the highest quality couches, sofas and chairs at an affordable price.

These tips should help you choose the perfect reception couches for your office. With a bit of research and a reputable office furniture supplier, you can create a reception area that will be inviting and comfortable for all who enter!