How to arrange office furniture: creativity meets practicality

Productivity is greatly linked to the space you are in. If one does not have a dedicated space to work in that is optimised for your specific requirements, one will never reach ultimate productivity.  In this article, we will discuss how to arrange office furniture in order to encourage an efficient workspace.

What is the Best Way to Lay Out an Office?

There are a multitude of ways to shuffle around your office layout. Which one is best for your business depends on the type of work to be done in the space. The ultimate goal is to increase productivity and foster an environment that encourages employees to work more effectively. Therefore, you must first discern what employees need most according to their job, after that one can find the perfect office layout.

  • Extreme Focus: Jobs that require an extreme amount of focus such as accounting, payroll, and other similar tasks, will do better in a workspace that has been designed to cultivate extreme focus. One would therefore typically require a space that prevents interruptions and is quiet.
  • Collaboration: It is important to create a space that encourages natural and easy collaboration for those jobs that require collaboration in order to achieve success. For example, developers frequently lean on one another to problem-solve and receive advice. It is therefore advisable to ensure that these employees have easy access to one another.
  • Learning: If your business relies heavily on upskilling and constant training, it is important to ensure that one arranges the workspace to include isolation pods and areas that allow employees to focus and absorb the new information they are being exposed to. This will allow for training to be more effective and efficient.
  • Social Engagement: If you have a business that requires employees to be creative and bounce ideas off of one another constantly, it is advisable to create a space that facilitates this. This will often be required in marketing, advertising, and artistic industries.

Office Furniture Arrangement Ideas

There are endless ways in which one can arrange office furniture. Some of the layouts one can consider include:

  • Isolation: This layout will consist of separate offices, cluster desks, as well as nooks and crannies that provide privacy. This will allow people to focus in silence and learn a lot faster if they are focussed on skills development.
  • Collaboration: In a space that is meant for collaboration one can create desk clusters by pushing desks together. This will allow for quick access to other employees. One can also utilise an open-plan office space. It is advisable to create desk clusters for people that work together on a regular basis.
  • Movement: In a creative and artistic space, one wants to have as much movable space as possible. Here one can utilise big spaces where people can come together to brainstorm. One can also incorporate the concept of hot desks where one can shift and move around to different desks on a daily basis to sit with those employees who you are working with at that stage.

If one has a company with a variety of departments that have different needs, one can incorporate different layouts in each department, encouraging productivity in different ways.

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