What is the difference between a boardroom and a conference room?

In business, one often has to facilitate meetings in which important topics are discussed, and decisions are made. It is important to ensure that meeting members feel safe enough, to be honest about their thoughts and ideas. It is also important to ensure that these meetings are made to be as efficient as possible. One of the factors that can determine whether a meeting is successful or not is the environment in which is held. Depending on the type of meeting and the goal in mind, one would choose different spaces in which to host these meetings.

If you are currently setting up different spaces in your company for intentional uses, then you might be wondering; “what is the difference between a boardroom and a conference room”?

In this article, we will discuss boardrooms and conference rooms, how they differ, and what they consist of.

Boardrooms Vs Conference Rooms

There are three aspects that distinguish a boardroom from a conference room. These differences determine their purpose and what they are best used for.

  • Location: Conference rooms are typically found at hotels or conference centres. Boardrooms, on the other hand, are often located within a business’s building.
  • Size: Conference rooms are much larger than boardrooms as conferences typically consist of hundreds of people gathered in a space, with a few keynote speakers. Boardrooms are typically only used for smaller, yet important meetings, that include key players in the company or organisation.
  • Purpose: Boardrooms are ultimately utilised to facilitate meetings between the board members of a company; while a conference room typically hosts conferences on certain topics where people from multiple companies can gather together.
  • Layout: A conference room is often set up with a stage area that has seating facing the stage. This is to accommodate the large audience that has gathered to listen to the speakers of the day. A boardroom typically has a large table at which board members can be seated and discuss their thoughts and ideas.

What is Required in a Boardroom?

A boardroom does not need very much furniture or bells and whistles to make it an effective and efficient meeting place.

  • Boardroom Table: A boardroom will require a boardroom table that is large enough to comfortably fit all of the key decision-makers and board members of an organisation.
  • Boardroom Chairs: It is important to ensure that there are enough chairs available for all members. These chairs should also be comfortable so that board members may focus on the issues at hand instead of their discomfort.
  • Soundproofing: Though this is not a must-have, it is advisable to ensure that your boardroom is soundproof. Sensitive topics are often discussed by board members that should not necessarily be overheard by staff.
  • Projector/Screen: In today’s digital world, it is advisable to have a projector or screen on which one can display reports, statistics, and other data while discussing certain topics in meetings.

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